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Archive for March 11, 2013

Find All the Info You Need on the Web

Written by admin on March 11th, 2013. Posted in Jobs in science research, Recent science news, Science events


Social networking sites provide a great tool for people looking to connect with others who have similar interests and goals. However, it can also be a great source of information on scientific current events. Individuals might post links to scientific research articles and the latest science news on social media sites. Since one out of every five minutes online is spent on social media sites, as of 2012, those scientific research articles will be easy to find for individuals who know the right places to look.

In addition to scientific research articles, social media can also provide science answers to the random science questions someone might have. For instance, the fact that one of the first X rays was of the hand of Nikolai Tesla can be interesting and the British born American astronomer Cecilia Payne Gaposchkin discovered that stars are made of hydrogen and helium and could be classified according to their temperatures. These kinds of facts and the scientific research articles that can be found on social media outlets make them a great source of knowledge and information, even though that might not be the primary reason that people use them.

Recently, scientists have unveiled a new carbon nanotube fiber that conducts electricity and heat like a metal wire, but looks and acts like a textile thread. The best way to learn about this, and other new products, is by finding scientific research articles online. The scholarly journals online are a great resource for anybody who wants to learn about a new topic. For those in the science field, they can be an excellent place to find scientific research articles.

The New Trend in Medical Diagnosis

Written by admin on March 11th, 2013. Posted in E doctor, Online medical advice, Treatment for pink eye

Physicians on line

With the recent shift in everything traditional to everything digital, it is no surprise that even the medical field has begun to shift from a more traditional setting to a virtual medium. The explosion of mobile health applications and the use of online diagnosis and prescription by an online doctor are just a few examples of the digital shift taking place in the medical field.

46 percent of American medical practitioners use electronic record keeping software, and this number is beginning to increase. The idea behind online doctor consultation is simple. It is a way for medical practitioners to communicate with their patients online, offering online doctor consultations, online doctor prescriptions, and analysis.

While this is a major threat, there are several benefits to using the services of an online physician. According to a study by the nonprofit Commonwealth Fund, Danish doctors reported, as early as the late 1990,s that they were saving an average of 30 minutes per day by prescribing drugs and ordering lab reports electronically through online doctor prescription. Virtual doctors also allow for a bit of anonymity between patients who may be suffering from uncomfortable ailments, and are also incredibly convenient. They are also a way for medical practitioners to be even more connected with their patients no matter where they are.

Finally, using online doctor prescription or virtual consulting can speed the prescription process, and lets patients be diagnosed more quickly than they would be if they were waiting in an office setting. It appears that the use of online doctor prescription is on the rise, and could be a viable option to any patients who want to use it.
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